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WordClicker Bakery: Make Cakes and Annotate Parts of Speech

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

WordClicker Bakery is a game featured on Lingo Boingo's website. To play, click here.

WordClicker Bakery is a click-and-drag game about identifying parts of speech and making delicious cakes. Participants must correctly identify parts of speech such as nouns, verbs, and adjectives in given sentences to collect cake ingredients and make an in-game profit. WordClicker Bakery not only teaches players how to annotate and categorize different parts of speech, but it also serves as a way to train machine learning technology how to embed annotations.

Screenshot of WordClicker Bakery gameplay

WordClicker Bakery presents gameplay elements that are similar to some other well-known language games and activities. For example, the language learning app Duolingo has users translate sentences in another language by selecting corresponding word tokens in the correct order. WordClicker also uses word tokens that users select and match to their corresponding “ingredient jars” (parts of speech). Additionally, WordClicker has similar structure to what are often referred to as ‘Ville games such as Farmville or Fishville, in which an action or completion of a task translates into a reward, thus allowing players to purchase in-game resources or prizes.

In WordClicker Bakery, users click on words associated with a certain part of speech and from that get ingredients. The player collects the ingredients by selecting the appropriate ingredients jar (labeled with a part of speech), then selecting one or more words in the sentence that are of that ingredient (corresponding part of speech). From this action, cakes are automatically produced and in-game currency is rewarded. When enough in-game currency is collected, users can buy kitchen appliances and ingredients to produce cakes faster as they are identifying parts of speech. When a player incorrectly identifies a word as a specific part of speech, purchases such as kitchen appliances or ingredients become damaged.

Head to Lingo Boingo to play WordClicker Bakery and other fun language games, and make sure to check out Lingo Boingo's Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.



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